To be a facilitator to satisfy international customers with best quality Sri Lankan Organic Spices and Herbs.

Welcome to Heland Holdings

We are a Sri Lankan company called Heland Holdings Private Limited. We are a novice exporter of Organic Spices, Herbal Oils and Traditional Hela Herbs in Sri Lanka. Our main ingredients are organic spices namely Cinnamon, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Cloves, Lemon Grass Oil, Moringa. Organic Coconut products.


Hela medicine is believed to have been started about 5000 years ago by Pulastya Rishi, the grandfather of the famous King Ravana. We are trying to lay the foundations through this website to provide solutions to many diseases that exist today through the medicine made from the ancient Hela Osu (Herbs).


Our role is to try to export to the international community the high-quality non-toxic Spices and Herbal Oils used by ancient Sri Lankans to stay healthy.